About us

Hey everybody!

My name is Bar and this is my website.                                                                           Ever since I remember myself I have always been an ocean person. From a young age I started spending my time at the beach. Between sailing, surfing, paddling or even just putting up a tent and sleeping at the beach.

One year ago I went traveling the world.                                                                              Or more accurate South America..                                                                                       In my travels I came across amazing people and places and I realized that this is what I want to do with my life! So I came to a conclusion that when I go back home I will start my own online business so that I could work from anywhere in the world and that way I could go back to travel without having the need to stop over financial reasons. 

I started thinking about ways to make this happens. There are a lot of ways to work online, from blogs to marketing and photography.. there are so many options, but I have no experience in any of them.

One day I was sitting on the beach in Brazil, and a women passed next to me. She was selling Cangas and Roundies that she carried on her shoulder.

And then it hit me! I spend my entire life at the beach, I should engage and sell beach products! But which? There are so many products that people use at the beach and so many big companies making and selling them. So I decided to start with the Canga, a small beautiful product that makes your beach experience so much better!

After making a website especially for Cangas I looked it over and thought something is missing. And so I decided that my website won't just focus on one great beach product but will be a gathering of unique and special products that will make my costumers beach experience that much better!   

So please come visit often and catch up on the products I put on the website and there uses so we can all have a better beach experience all over the world :)